Sakat Chauth Fast 2015 Date

8 January 2015, Thursday

Sakat Chauth in Paush month will be observed on thursday, 8th January, 2014 Sankata-haaraa Chaturthi falls every month on the Chauth (fourth day) after Poornima (Full Moon day) means it is Krihna Paksh Chaturthee. Sankat means trouble, an Haaraa means to take it off. So by keeping fast on this day all kinds of problems are removed. This is also called as Ganesh Chauth,Mahi chauth or Tilkuta Chauth.In this day Lord Ganesh and and Moon is worshied.This Vrat is done by a married women for a better future body strength, Good-fortune, and wealth for the children It is believe in UP and MP that every Married women should do atleast 2 Chauth तिल के दस लड्डू बनाकर, पांच लड्डू देवता को चढ़ावे और शेष पांच ब्रह्मण को दान दे देवें | गुड मे बने तिल (सफेद) के लड्डू चंद्र दर्शन करें और चंद्रमा को भी अर्घ्या प्रदान करें| क्योंकि इस दिन भगवान गणेश चंद्रमा को अपने मस्तक पर धारण करतें हैं| Method of Poojaa In the morning, after your daily cores, take bath Do your morning prayers. Recite \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Om Ganeshaaya Namah\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Om Vakratundaaya Hum\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". This is called Ganesh Ashtottar. During the fasting period, Water, Milk,Fruits and Tea are permitted. In the evening, like you do for any Vrat, make a Mandap and place a photo of Lord Ganesh. Decorate the photo of Lord Ganesh with available flowers. offer Durva ( Doorva - grass (creeper)) with 3 or 5 nodes to the Lord Ganesh and keep somw Doorva Grass aside to worship the Moon. Light Diyaa (lamp) and Agarbattee (incense stick) and Offer til ke Ladoo (seaseme seeds made with Jaggery and Seaseme seeds),Sweet Potato, Jaggery. This is known as Naivdya. Now in the end do the Arati. Sing the song Jaya Ganesh, Jaya Ganesh, Jaya Ganesh Devaa... and ask for his blessings. After this the moon should ne worshiped with Til (Seaseme Seeds) and Arghya (Offeringby milk and water mixture). Moon-god and Rohini are also worshipped. At night, after the moonrise, the fast is broken after offering the moon, the sacred water called \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Arghya\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". It has a related legend which claims that it was the great sage Markandeya who advised a dethroned king to keep fast on this day to regain his lost glory. He did so and everything was well for him. Regarding Moon rise - sometimes due to the clouds etc, the Moon may not be visible at the specified time. In that case after the Moon rise timings one may perform the Poojaa